Leading offer in the French-speaking market in Switzerland, counting over 30 Mio video views & 165 Mio page views each month, we give each year the chance to more than 500 advertisers to promote themselves on our different platforms.

Our portfolio enables you to select targeted placements on websites or topical offerings developed in conjunction with prestigious partner sites.



Our portfolio by topics:

News & Finance






Ad operations are broadcasted on inventories and supports that meet quality standards, only on recognized and qualitative media. Our completely transparent portfolio is available on request and for all offers.

In this high quality environment, advertisers can communicate across the entire network, in attractive Channels and equally benefit from options targeting in order to work in affinity with a profile of audience.

Our team will assist you from your media brief, identifying the best combinations and target groups, to the achievement of your goals.

Contact us, we would be happy to advise you.

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