Audienzz and Romandie Network announce a new strategic cooperation

Nyon on March 7, 2017 – Both company will jointly develop new digital offers at national level and collaborate at maketing and technical level.

Targeted on news, finance and lifestyle topics, the commun national offers will be open at both entities to all advertisers and media agencies in Switzerland.

Remo Baumeler, Managing Director of Audienzz SA commented: “The objective of our collaboration is to sustainably strengthen the Swiss advertising market with Premium national solutions. Romandie Network is an innovative and qualitative partner. “

Stefan Renninger, founder and CEO of Romandie Network SA, adds: “Developing new collaboration and adapting by offering qualitative solutions to our customers is the best response to the digital evolution and the new needs of the industry. Audienzz is a major player with a highly complementary offer and this will able us to contribute positively to the Digital market. “


Download the full press release (de/pdf)

Download the full press release (fr/pdf)

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